Graduate Syllabi
Course Number Course Title Syllabus
CE 511 Land Surveying Syllabus
CE 515 Intro to Civil Engineering
CE 520 Intro. CADD for Civil Engr. Syllabus
CE 522 ASCE Workshop
CE 524 Engr Professional Development Syllabus
CE 530 Introduction to Geomatics
CE 531 Civil Engineering Materials
CE 533 Fluid Mechanics for Civil Engineers
CE 534 Hydrotechnical Engineering
CE 538 Introduction to Transportation Engineering Syllabus
CE 539 Introduction to Environmental Engineering Syllabus
CE 540 Thermal and Fluids Laboratory Syllabus
CE 542 Structural Analysis 1
CE 543 Pavement Design
CE 546 Concrete and Aggregates Syllabus
CE 547 Construction Methods Syllabus
CE 549 Construction Engineering
CE 550 Flexible Pavements
CE 551 Advanced Concrete Materials
CE 552 Computational Fluid Mechanics
CE 553 Engineering Hydrology
CE 561 Water Resources Engineering Syllabus
CE 563 Highway Engineering Syllabus
CE 564 Urban Transportation Planning and Design
CE 566 Railway Engineering
CE 567 Pedestrian/Bike Transportation
CE 721 Environmental Aerosol Science
CE 722 Environmental Science and Technology
CE 732 Properties of Air Pollutants
CE 744 Environmental Engineering Design Syllabus
CE 751 Foundation Engineering
CE 752 Earthwork Design
CE 754 Geotechnical Engineering Field Methods Syllabus
CE 756 Structural Analysis 2
CE 760 Reinforced Concrete Design
CE 761 Steel Design
CE 763 Timber Design
CE 765 Conceptual Design of Structures Syllabus
CE 767 Integrated Civil Engineering Design
CE 768 Behavior/Design of FRP Members Syllabus