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The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is grateful to its alumni and friends for their support of scholarships that are available to students currently enrolled in the Department. A complete listing of all endowed scholarships in the Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources can be found by clicking here.


The West Virginia Academy of Civil Engineers

The Academy of Civil Engineers was founded April 29, 2005 by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering with the approval of the Dean of the College of Engineering and Mineral Resources, along with the President of West Virginia University, to recognize those graduates who have had distinguished professional careers or who have been of outstanding service to the state of West Virginia.

The charter members are:

In appreciation of the honor bestowed individually and collectively, the Academy of Civil Engineers will be perpetuated:

  1. To strengthen the dedication of students to Civil Engineering and West Virginia University through personal and professional example.
  2. To recognize those graduates of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and others who bring honor to Civil Engineering as practitioners and as citizens.
  3. To provide advisory guidance and counsel as requested by the Department chairman.
  4. To encourage personal, corporate, foundation and government gifts and grants of money, equipment and facilities to the University for the benefit of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Click here to view a list of Academy members

Visiting Committee

Civil and Environmental Engineering Visiting Committee