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Graduate Program

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers a master of science degree in civil engineering, a master of science degree in engineering, and doctor of philosophy degree in civil engineering. Opportunities abound within the master's and doctoral tracks for a research experience that provides a chance for a student to tackle an engineering problem individually. The graduate program in civil engineering was established with the aim of developing its students' abilities to use today's contemporary methods of engineering analysis and design to solve tomorrow's engineering problems

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Programs Offered

Graduate Programs Overview

Master of Science in Civil Engineering

The master of science in civil engineering program is designed to give its students industry-ready knowledge and skills coupled with field-relevant research. Students tailor their program of study to satisfy their own special interests, with guidance from a faculty advisor.

These are the four major areas of interest of the faculty and graduate studies: environmental and hydroelectrical engineering, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering and structural engineering.

MS Civil Engineering Curriculum Overview

MS Civil Engineering Admission Requirements

Master of Science in Engineering

The master of science program is for those students who have a baccalaureate degree in a technical field other than civil engineering. This is a broader, interdisciplinary graduate program.

MS Engineering Curriculum Overview

MS Engineering Admission Requirements

Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering

The doctor of philosophy degree is administered through the College's interdisciplinary program; civil engineering may be the major.

PhD Civil Engineering Curriculum Overview

PhD Civil Engineering Admission Requirements

Curriculum and Course Catalog

Admission Requirements

WVU Admission Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Research, Electronic Theses and Dissertations

WVU Research

A thesis or problem report is normally required of all candidates. While required credit in research (CE 697 (MS) or CE 797 (Ph.D.)) is devoted to the thesis or report preparation, the thesis or problem report is not automatically approved after the required number of semester hours of research work have been completed. The thesis or problem report must conform with the general WVU requirements for graduate study and with any additional requirements established by the Department.

West Virginia University requires all theses and dissertations to be submitted to WVU Libraries in electronic (.pdf) format. Information about WVU's Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Program is available at

Graduate Student Job Opportunities