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Kevin Beachy

Kevin Beachy




  • BSCE, WVU, 1978
  • MSCE, WVU, 1988

Kevin Beachy graduated from West Virginia University with a BSCE in 1978 and an MSCE in 1988.He is the owner of KTB Professional Engineering, LLC and provides design and management related to public works engineering, administration, funding, permits and expert testimony.

He was employed by the Allegany County, Maryland Department of Public works for 31 years as Public Works Engineer in planning, design construction inspection and project management. He has published articles involving construction of pedestrian/bicycle trail, low-volume road safety and operations, environmental issues for low-volume roads, surveying safety and engineering education.

Some of his past honors include: Maryland County Engineer of the Year, Allegany County Commissioners Citation for Exemplary Services, Allegany County Bridge No. A-66 “Beachy Bridge”, Phi Kappa, Tau Beta Pi and Chi Epsilon.