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Paul R. Evans

Paul Evans




  • BSCE, WVU, 1965
  • MSCE, 1966
  • PhD, 1969

A native West Virginian, Paul R. "Ron" Evans received a BS in civil engineering from West Virginia University in 1965 and an MSCE in 1966 and PhD in 1969 in structural engineering.

He is a registered Professional Engineer.

He took a position with the Hercules Powder Company (now Alliant Techsystems) Allegany Ballistics Laboratory near Keyser initially focusing on solid waste reclamation and waste water treatment projects, including several pilot plants.

He then transitioned to the Department of Defense weapons projects, with heavy emphasis on solid fuel rocket motors.

Over the next 30-plus years, he held various technical and management positions at ABL, including supervision of the structural and thermal analysis and ballistics analysis departments, and managed numerous rocket motor and structures programs.

He was a principal in missile programs like sensor fused weapon, SRAM, ADATS, hellfire, sparrow, TOW and LOSAT.

Drawing on his background in the structural behavior of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, he became a recognized industry expert in fiber-reinforced composite structures, particularly lightweight high pressure filament-wound rocket motor cases utilizing fiberglass, Kevlar and carbon fibers in epoxy resins. He is also a registered Professional Engineer.

Evans retired from ABL as chief engineer in 2001. He formed Knobley Technical Associates LLC with two other ABL retirees.

KTA supplies technical personnel with industry-recognized expertise in all aspects of solid rocket propulsion and munitions on a contract basis.

Ron and his wife, Janet, reside in Fort Ashby.