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Rusty Allen

Rusty Allen




  • BSCE, West Virginia Institute of Technology, 1969
  • MSCE, WVU, 1974

Rusty is a native of Upshur County, WV. He graduated from Buckhannon Upshur High School in 1965. He enrolled in West Virginia Institute of Technology later that year and graduated with a BSCE degree in 1969. Later he pursued graduate work in Civil Engineering at West Virginia University and completed requirements for the MSCE in 1974.

The major portion of Rusty’s professional career was with Union Carbide Corporation (UCC) in which he progressed from structural engineer to middle management. His final assignment with UCC was as Project Director for a large petro-chemical project in Malaysia. Following Dow Chemical’s purchase of UCC, Rusty was assigned as Global Director of Construction. When he retired from Dow, he concluded his career with a construction management firm.

Rusty lives in Mauldin, SC. He and his wife have two daughters and five grandchildren. They are active in Faith Baptist Church in nearby Simpsonville.